Find healing, truth with former Planned Parenthood worker Patricia Sandoval

I have never had an abortion.

I made the easy decision not to have my son destroyed through abortion after I conceived him through rape at age 18.

But Patricia Sandoval’s suffering and downhill spiral into homelessness and drug addiction after aborting three of her children, empowered me to heal and move forward in supporting other women like myself and Patricia.

The moment Patricia took her place to share her story, my fractured soul rejoiced.

Former Planned Parenthood worker and mother to three aborted children, Patricia Sandoval travels the world to share the pain, trauma and truth about abortion and Planned Parenthood so others may experience healing from abortion and understand the reality and dire consequences of a pro-choice America.


I had secured my place in the Catholic Church in childhood with a deep devotion to Mary, the sacraments, adoration and the rosary, yet I continued to struggle with my own flesh.

I spent the previous 22 years focused on showing the world that a teen mom who conceived in rape would be the best at everything. And I was.

Until I wasn’t.

And when I showed up that day at Relentless [Catholic Family Conference], I wasn’t. As far as I could understand, I was worthless, empty, nothing, broken, lost and near death.

Weeks before, I endured another rash of failures. Another broken relationship. One more thieving business client. Impending homelessness. Drinking nightly just to keep traumatic nightmares and flashbacks away. No friends. Family 5000 miles from me.

I considered driving my car into a tree while I raged at God and told him I would only speak to His Mother until He got HIS act together. (Imagine that.)

Instead of driving my car into a tree, I drove to an adoration chapel in Sacramento where I had recently moved. I found a flyer with Patricia’s story, registered on the spot and prostrated myself in front of Our Holy Mother and begged her to take all my pains and sufferings from me to Her Son.

I had nothing left. I begged for healing.


Our faithful Mother interceded and Her Merciful Son answered my cries.

It took a little (well, a lot) more kicking and screaming on my part to full healing, but God awakened me with Patricia’s story. He showed me how selfish and ungrateful I had been keeping my own story of mercy and love to myself.

Through Patricia’s testimony, He showed me how my own love of myself had kept me from Him. I saw how my selfishness had been blocking His Will for me.

I saw for the first time how I could be used as a vessel of mercy for women like me who didn’t — and don’t — have the graces, gifts, support, faith and perseverance He provided to me.

I also saw — and received — His undeniable, unfiltered, undying, everlasting Love and Mercy.

I surrendered.


Within the next two years, I was healed of lifelong addictions, hatred of myself, my body, men, my neighbors. I saw myself as He did — holding back forgiveness, loving my ugly, broken, sinful self more than Him and ignoring His Love, Will and forgiveness He’d been gifting me.

Patricia’s testimony visualized freedom in surrender.

I saw hope. I saw healing.

And I believed.

I believed, I too, was worthy of His love and mercy.

Patricia’s yes to healing gave me permission to let go of me and to choose His road to healing.

Thanks to this message of mercy and love, I forgave the man who raped me. I forgave myself for being raped. I became opened to forgiving the world for wanting to kill my son and making his life meaningless while giving no thought to my justice.

Moreover, I was released of the fear of sharing my story and pushed forward in the pro-life ministry as I had dreamed since age 10.


Patricia’s message started the unsilencing of the Momdacious (hence Momdacity) woman that had been trapped in hurt and trauma and fear and self.

I no longer sit in silence while my trauma is used by mentally ill and demon-diven pro-aborts to justify murdering girls and boys like my son.

Today, I am bold in Christ, for His unborn babies and the mothers trapped in the silence of a world that wishes to destroy them.

More about Patricia’s upcoming event at 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, hosted by Possibility Productions, at St. Patrick’s Church in Merced, Calif.:

Patricia Sandoval lived on the streets as a homeless drug addict following three abortions and employment at Planned Parenthood.

Transfigured by the mercy of God, Patricia now inspires countless souls around the world with her life-changing testimony of hope, forgiveness, and redemption.

Come to St. Patrick’s in Merced, California, on Sunday, September 11, 3pm, to hear Patricia Sandoval’s miraculous story — and be transfigured.

Visit for details.

More about Patricia, visit
Purchase her book in English or Spanish: Audiobook in English or Spanish:



Mom who conceived in rape empowering women w/ the audacity to mother in an anti-mom world through facts, stats, science untainted by pro-abortion propaganda.

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Cassaundra Momdacity

Mom who conceived in rape empowering women w/ the audacity to mother in an anti-mom world through facts, stats, science untainted by pro-abortion propaganda.