YouTube misleads women about abortion; censors truth

In an effort to ensure more women are deceived by the multi-billion-dollar profiteering abortion industry, YouTube forces an inaccurate definition of abortion on abortion-related content. The definition is cited from the Planned Parenthood-affiliated National Library of Medicine.

YouTube’s attempt at propagating men and women with the half-truth about abortion by using a definition from an organization that profits off of abortion.

YouTube doesn’t believe women are capable of knowing the full truth about abortion, but women are entitled to the full truth about their bodies, pregnancies, children’s bodies and the “procedures” they pay for.

This definition forced on creators’ content is misleading and false:

“An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus. The procedure is done by a licensed healthcare professional.”

So harmless. But what if we define the definition. Could we find some crucial information that would be vital for a mother and father to have about abortion?

“An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy.”

What is a pregnancy?

A pregnancy is what happens to a woman during the two days of her cycle when she is fertile after engaging in the reproductive act — usually sexual intercourse. In order for a pregnancy to occur, a man’s sperm must successfully fertilize the woman’s egg. When this happens, conception of a new human organism occurs. This new human:

  • immediately begins to grow
  • takes in nutrition the body has formed instinctively to help her grow
  • has her own bodily functions and body parts
  • has her own unique, unrepeatable human DNA separate from the mother and father

A woman can only be pregnant if a human is growing inside her womb, where every human past and present spends their first stages of human development.

Men cannot become pregnant. Men do not have uteruses which must be present for new life to grow. Also men are not women, and only women can become pregnant.

What does it mean “to end a pregnancy”?

There are three primary ways a pregnancy ends, according to OB/GYNs and abortionists:

  1. The growing human in her mother’s uterus succumbs to natural death. This is called a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.
  2. The development of the human growing in her mother’s womb is intentionally stopped by an abortionist before removing the dead human fetus from the womb of her human mother. Sometimes the mother is forced into labor to deliver her dead offspring. This is called an abortion.
  3. An abortionist prescribes two different types of pills to a pregnant mother. The first pill ends the life of the fetus through starvation. The second set of pills forces the (likely dead) human fetus out of her mother’s womb through an unnatural and unexpected delivery that she then must dispose of as this is not done in a medical facility. This also is called an abortion.

“It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus.”

This sentence will be a bit difficult to break down as it’s inherently wrong. Medicine and surgery are used to remove the human, but first the human has to be killed by the abortionist. Not killing the human before she leaves the womb, as stated above, is called murder or infanticide.

Inside womb — abortion. Outside womb — murder.

An abortionist uses several methods to forcibly end the life of the human growing inside her mother’s womb. The abortion pill method is one method as discussed above and shown below:

Another method used during the first trimester is suction abortion as described here by former abortionist Dr. Levatino.

A second trimester abortion requires greater effort in the death of the fetus. Dr. Anthony Levatino describes that procedure above.

A third trimester abortion/partial-birth abortion is particularly painful for mother and her offspring.

Terms used in the forced YouTube definition defined below:

Embryo: first stage of development of every human. Every person goes through this stage of development.

Fetus: the stage of development following the embryonic stage. Every person goes through these stages of development.

Uterus: a body part present only in women. Every human grows within the uterus (or womb) of her mother. Men do not have uteruses. If a man has a uterus, he is a woman.

“The procedure is done by a licensed healthcare professional.”

This sentence is fairly accurate. A doctor who ends the life of humans through abortion for money must be a licensed healthcare professional in most states.

In America, only 14 percent of OB/GYNs will perform an abortion. The brave 14 percent who attack defenseless, innocent tiny humans with deadly weapons and poison are not called OB/GYNs. These professionals are referred to as abortionists.

Now that we’ve broken down the definition, here’s what YouTube meant to say:

“An abortion is a procedure that in order to be deemed successful must end the life of the growing human fetus inside the uterus of the mother before then being forcibly extracted. It uses a variety of methods to end the life of the human, including forced cardiac arrest/poison by injection, starvation, dismemberment. The procedure is performed by 14 percent of those licensed and are referred to as abortionists.”

Cassaundra is an award-winning journalist and mom who conceived in rape empowering women w/ the audacity to mother in an anti-mom world through facts, stats, science and her own personal story. Contact her at Visit



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Cassaundra Momdacity

Cassaundra Momdacity

Mom who conceived in rape empowering women w/ the audacity to mother in an anti-mom world through facts, stats, science untainted by pro-abortion propaganda.